How to Make a Home Entry Staircase Stylish and Functional

A home entry staircase is an important part of your home’s design. It’s not just the place to put your shoes and coat – it also provides access to the rest of the house and can make a great first impression.

Whether you’re renovating your existing staircase or designing a new one from scratch, there are plenty of ways to transform this often-overlooked space into something both visually interesting and practical. From the materials used to the stair’s positioning, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can use to ensure your stairs are as stylish as they are functional.

Start by looking at the style of your home and consider if you want your staircase to be a statement or more of a functional design. You might want a more modern, closed-string staircase if your property is contemporary or you might prefer a classic staircase with detailed spindles to give your home a traditional feel.

Once you’ve chosen the type of staircase that best suits your home, it’s time to start working on its design. Think about the size of the staircase and the space it will take up – you might want to consider adding cupboards under your stairs to provide extra storage for shoes, coats and other items.

If you’re on a budget, painting your steps is a simple way to add colour and pattern without breaking the bank. Wallpaper and tiles are both inexpensive ways to add visual interest and a slither of texture on your risers, too.

Paint your stair railing a shade that matches the rest of your home’s decor, or go bolder with a contrasting shade to really make a statement. A fresh ombre effect can work well here, using tester pots to create a variety of different shades.

Keep the treads on your stairways light and pale to encourage natural light to bounce around, or opt for a more dramatic colour such as black for a truly glamorous look. A glass bannister is another way to let more light in, while pale wooden floors can help to reinforce the illusion of a larger space too.

A custom nook for a window seat is a lovely way to utilise the space at the bottom of your staircase, especially if you have one of those half-level landings. Providing a quiet spot to pop your feet on, it’s also an excellent location to display books and other trinkets that you may not have room for elsewhere in the house.

For those who want to make a real statement, you can install custom-built shelving on your stairway’s walls. A bespoke live-edge shelf like this, with three coat hooks and a pair of industrial sconces, looks beautiful and provides ample space for displaying your favourite pictures, vases or other accessories.

In this house, a sunken lounge is a contemporary hub of the home and this central staircase makes it all the more impressive. A central stairway frees up circulation and gives you access to closets on two floors, which is a great way to maximise space.

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