How to Make a Star From Sticks

A twig star is an easy nature craft that makes a wonderful addition to a holiday wreath, or as a stand-alone decoration. The sticks can be adorned with faux berries, pine branches or jute twine. This rustic star is a great addition to any room in the home, and it’s easy enough for kids to make as well!

How to Make a Twig Star

To begin, gather sticks that are slender enough to make a small star. The diameter of each stick should be about 5 inches, but you can adjust the size as needed. You’ll need about five sticks per star. Lay them out into a basic star shape and secure the ends together using twist ties or short pieces of wire. Wrap the twine around the points of each stick several times. Once the points are secure, remove the twist ties or wire.

How to Make a Twig Flower Star

This fun craft uses a flower shape and popsicle sticks, making it ideal for children of all ages! It’s also a perfect activity for a girl’s night in or an outdoor summer birthday party.

Paint Your Twig Star

A twig star can be painted to add color, sparkle or a different texture. Glitter glue or spray paint will work fine here. Or, you can wrap it in yarn or cover it with buttons and sequins. You can even use it as a Christmas tree topper!

Step 3: Cut two strips of paper. The first strip is the front of your star. The second strip is the back of your star. You can use a paper with a colored side or one that has a blank side. You can also use paper that is a different color than the sticks themselves.

Next, fold the paper in half so you have an overlapping section of about 1 inch or 2.5 cm. Then, put a small amount of hot glue on the center of one of the strips. Place the other strip horizontally next to it so that it weaves over and under the first strip.

Now, you’re ready to glue the strips and petals together to make your star! The strips should extend a bit beyond the petals, so it’s important to feed the petal through the loop in the strip and glue it onto the petal as shown above.

Then, flip your star over and glue the loop of the ribbon or twine onto the back. You can also wrap it with a piece of yarn to turn it into an ornament or hang it from the tree.

You’ll love the results of this simple craft! It’s also a wonderful way to get the kids involved in the holiday season! They can even make these stars for friends or family! If you’re looking for more ideas for Christmas crafts, be sure to check out our collection of Christmas craft ideas. You’ll find lots of great ideas for kids to do this year!

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