How to Make Artificial Snow For a Christmas Tree

Adding artificial snow to your Christmas tree can be a nice touch. You can either make your own, or purchase it from a store. This is a good way to add extra texture to your tree, and will give it that wintery look that everyone loves. But, before you begin, it’s important to understand what you are working with. There are many different types of faux snow available, and some work better than others.

One of the easiest methods to achieve this is by applying a few layers of batting. Batting is usually made of cotton, but you can also use synthetic batting for a softer effect. Some types of batting are unbleached and are not as white as the synthetic variety. Regardless of what you choose, you should aim for an even covering. Once your batting has dried, you can add the faux snow.

For a truly impressive result, you can try flocking your tree. Flocking is not a difficult process, but you will need to have patience. It can take a long time to dry, so it’s best to leave it alone for several hours. After you’ve finished, you can bring it indoors and decorate it. However, you should not try to hang ornaments on it until the fake snow has completely dried. If you decide to do this, be sure to position your tree in a location where it can be easily cleaned up, as you don’t want to smudge the fake snow with your fingers.

The first step in flocking your Christmas tree is to pick a branch that will hold the tip. Next, cut out a small piece of paper, and line it up with the branch. With the paper in place, dab a little glue on the bottom of the branch. The glue will help the stike process.

Before you start, make sure you have the correct equipment. A sifter is the ideal tool for the job. Holding the sifter over the branches will ensure that you don’t over-sift the powder, and will keep the powder distributed evenly.

When you are ready to apply your fake snow, you should test your technique on a smaller branch to see how much you need. Also, be sure to check on your work frequently. Especially if you have high humidity, your tree will dry slower than you would like.

Another cool trick is to spray your tree with a spray bottle. This will activate the flocking and make it fluffy. Be sure to do this in sections, and test the effect on the backside of your tree to see how it looks.

If you don’t want to spray your tree with a can of flocking, you can simply sprinkle a little bit of it on your tree. However, it won’t be as fluffy as a flocked tree, and you will have to wait a day for it to fully dry. In addition to using a spray bottle, you can also try brushing a mixture of water and sifted cornstarch over the tree.

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