How to Make Grape Vodka

Grape vodka is a new and delicious way to add flavor to cocktails and is perfect for parties. This fruit-infused vodka is easy to make at home and is a great addition to any drink list!

Whether you’re looking to impress your guests with a festive, festive holiday cocktail or want a refreshing twist on your summer party drinks, this grape vodka recipe is sure to be a hit. You’ll love how easy it is to make these sweet little treats, and they’re super fun both frozen and chilled!

These candied prosecco vodka grapes are the perfect finger food for any brunch or party. They’re soaked in sparkling wine and rolled in sugar, so they’re sweet but not too overly boozy! These are great as a party snack, served on cocktail skewers, or piled into glasses and used as a garnish.

The first step is to soak the grapes in the prosecco vodka mix for about 12 hours. This will allow the alcohol to slowly dissipate and the grapes to soften up. You can then drain the liquid and store it in a bottle to use later.

Once the vodka is completely drained, add the grapes to a bowl and cover them with white granulated sugar until they’re fully covered. This is a great way to give your grapes a nice sweet coating without using too much sugar or adding any other unnecessary ingredients.

You can also serve these grapes skewered on a platter, piled into martini glasses or rock glasses, or used as a garnish for a sparkling champagne cocktail!

If you’re not a fan of prosecco, you can substitute with any other type of flavored sparkling wine. Just remember that if you’re using a different type of wine, the infused alcohol will be stronger than if you use the same amount of vodka.

Depending on your taste, you can infuse the vodka for as long as 3 to 5 days. After that, you can strain the infused vodka and enjoy it with your favorite cocktails!

The process is easy, and you can customize the flavors of your infused vodka as much as you’d like. I’m a big fan of single-fruit vodkas, but you can also try layering fruits and spices together for an even more interesting flavor.

This is the easiest recipe to make and is a great addition to any cocktail or mixer. The bright, fruity aroma of the grapes will add a refreshing twist to your favorite cocktail. It’s the perfect drink for summer parties or any girls’ night in!

You’ll also love the way these candies look on a plate or dessert board. These are the perfect boozy treat for New Year’s Eve, Christmas, birthdays, and brunches!

Vodka is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, and I’m always excited to see new vodkas on the market. But I was a bit surprised to find out that there are a number of grape vodkas on the market. Some of them are actually made from grape juice, which makes them more unique than traditional vodkas. I’m a huge fan of Roth, which uses French Colombard and Chardonnay grapes from the Central Valley. It’s produced by O’Neil Vintners and Distillers, which is located in Reedley, CA. They’re also the only distillery in California that makes this specialized vodka.

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