How to Make Paper Ornaments for Christmas

Paper ornaments can be a fun way to decorate your home this Christmas. They are simple enough for kids to make and can be crafted from many different materials. There are also several options for adding a little sparkle to your tree with glitter or sequins.

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-make DIY project for the whole family or something special for a special friend, there’s a perfect ornament idea here for everyone. From 3D ornaments that are sure to get the kids’ attention to unique holiday decor made with scrapbook papers, these simple projects will bring a touch of holiday magic to your house this season.

1. How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Angel

These angel-shaped ornaments are super easy to make and can be made by kids of all ages, which makes them a great craft for the entire family to enjoy. They are super cute and will make a unique addition to your tree or other festive decorations.

2. How to Make a Star Ornament

These star-shaped ornaments are incredibly easy to make and can be made by anyone. They are a quick and inexpensive way to add a splash of Christmas cheer to your tree, especially if you have small children or children that aren’t quite ready for a real tree yet.

3. How to Make a Paper Polyhedral Ornament

These polyhedral paper ornaments are an easy-to-make DIY project that will make your Christmas tree extra special. They are made from paper strips that are coiled and pinched into different shapes using a quilling technique, which creates beautiful results.

4. How to Make a Paper Leaves Chain

If you’re looking for a unique way to add greenery to your table during the holidays, try this easy-to-make paper leaves chain. The chain can be hung on the tree or used as part of your dinner table decor.

5. How to Make a Soda Can Tab Ornament

If your kids are into crafting and you have a bunch of soda can tabs lying around, why not turn them into these adorable ornaments? All you need are some red and black cardstock, twine or string, and a few silver tinsel pieces.

6. How to Make a Paper Cookie Cutter Ornament

If you have a few scraps of card stock left over from making cookies this holiday season, why not turn them into these cute and fun ornaments? Just glue a piece of card stock to the inside of a cookie cutter. Once the adhesive is dry, you’ll have a decorative Christmas ornament!

7. How to Make a Paper Tree Ornament

If the kids are getting bored of their regular ornaments this year, try this fun and festive paper tree ornament. They’ll love making this project and will have a lot of fun decorating their own tree with it once the holidays are over!

8. How to Make a Paper Dove of Peace and Poinsettia Ornament

If you want to add a pop of color to your tree this Christmas, these paper dove of peace and poinsettia ornaments are just the ticket. They’re easy to make with a few scraps of paper and are perfect for hanging on the tree or as decorations on your table!

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